In April, 2016, GoDaddy sent me an email that was informing me that my website (Harpersweb.us) had been "hacked". I had just (a couple of days before) renewed my contract with them for another year. They said I would need to pay them another 350 dollars (or so) for a complete clean-up of my site and them I would need to pay another 160 dollars a year (or so) for web security.


I decided that was more than I was interested in paying for a site I haven't touched in 10 years; I only keep it to use the domain name in my email addresses. So I asked them what would happen if I didn't get the virus protection. They said that it would be vulnerable to attack; that people who visited could get a virus as a result of visiting. I said, "Hummmmmmmmmm".


Bottom line: if you don't have virus protection on your computer, maybe you shouldn't be on my website-- or any website, for that matter!


Back to the "about": Since my website was so out of date, I thought I would redo it using a theme borrowed from Continental Country Club's website and only put up stuff that doesn't change. Hence, my site is in honor of those who have passed. I hope you enjoy it.


Have a good day.